Superbaby & Ted
Super Baby and Ted Gift Pack Auntie Twinkle Home

Super Baby and Ted is a series of books for pre-school children. Author Jennifer Bates created the series in order to highlight the importance of child safety around the home and in the community.  Equal parts informative and creative, the series can teach families crucial lessons on topics that commonly affect young children including home safety, road and pool safety.

The stories feature Super Baby, the hero of the make believe town of Cotsville and his co-pilot Ted.  They fly over Cotsville in their Pram Jet to make sure that all the kids in town are happy and safe.  No matter what, Super Baby and Ted show that it is possible to have bundles of fun while staying safe!

The lessons teach how to be safe anywhere a child may be, including at home, on the road, around animals and playing sports.  Super Baby and Ted hope to show families how to avoid preventable injuries, poisonings and accidents. ‘A Safe Baby is a Happy Baby’ – make adult supervision a priority.